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Verification of Competency (VOC) - Forklift Operations

  • Scope: This VOC assessment covers the safe operation of forklifts within [Your Company Name] premises or job sites.

  • Competency Criteria:

    • Understanding of forklift controls, including steering, acceleration, braking, and lifting mechanisms.
    • Ability to conduct pre-operational checks and identify any faults or defects.
    • Proficiency in maneuvering the forklift in various work environments, including tight spaces, ramps, and uneven surfaces.
    • Knowledge of load handling techniques, including safe loading, securing, and unloading procedures.
    • Understanding of relevant WHS regulations and company safety policies related to forklift operations.
  • Practical Evaluation:

    • Pre-operational checks: Assess the candidate's ability to conduct thorough pre-start checks, including inspection of brakes, steering, tires, and hydraulic systems.
    • Operational skills: Evaluate the candidate's ability to operate the forklift safely and efficiently, including tasks such as maneuvering, stacking, and retrieving loads.
    • Load handling: Assess the candidate's ability to handle various types of loads safely, including assessing load weights, securing loads, and maintaining load stability during transport.
    • Hazard awareness: Evaluate the candidate's awareness of potential hazards in the work environment and their ability to respond appropriately to mitigate risks.
  • Documentation Review:

    • Review of relevant documentation, including forklift license, training records, and previous VOC assessments.
    • Verification of the candidate's qualifications, certifications, and experience in forklift operations.
  • Communication and Team Interaction:

    • Evaluate the candidate's ability to communicate effectively with supervisors, colleagues, and other personnel in the work environment.
    • Assess the candidate's ability to work cooperatively with others to ensure the safe and efficient operation of the forklift.
  • Safety Compliance:

    • Ensure the candidate demonstrates adherence to all relevant WHS regulations, company policies, and safe work procedures throughout the assessment.
  • Assessment Outcome:

    • Upon successful completion of the VOC assessment, the candidate will be deemed competent to operate forklifts within [Your Company Name] premises or job sites.
    • If any areas of improvement are identified during the assessment, the candidate may be required to undergo additional training or practice before re-assessment.
  • Record Keeping:

    • Maintain accurate records of VOC assessments, including assessment outcomes, dates, and any additional training provided.
    • Ensure all relevant documentation is kept up-to-date and easily accessible for audit purposes.

This VOC assessment is conducted to ensure that forklift operators possess the necessary skills, knowledge, and experience to operate forklifts safely and effectively within operations.


  • The Policy is provided in Word Format for easy contextualisation and adding information.

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