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The  WHS Management Plan meet all WHS Legislation Complaince Requirement and is provided as a Word Doc to enable the customer to contextualise as requried. 

The front page allows you to add the following points:

- Document Name

- Document Owner

- Document Number

- Status of Document

- Date Implemented

- Review Date 

- Company Logo.


The WHS Management Plan has the following Table of Content:


1.  Work Health and Safety Policy

2. Environmental Policy

3. Quality Policy

4. Consultation & Communication Policy

5. Anti-Discrimination and Equal Employment Opportunity

6. Workplace Bullying

7. Record and Document Management

8. Purchasing Policy

9. Compliance Evaluation Policy

10. Contractor Policy

11. Competency Assurance Policy

12. Hazardous and Dangerous Good Policy

13. Incident Reporting Policy

14. First Aid Policy

15. Rehabilitation Policy

16. Drug and Alcohol Policy

17. P.P.E Policy

18. Toolbox Talks Policy


19. Disciplinary Procedure

20. Incident Management Procedure

21. Hazard Report Procedure

22. Risk Management Procedures

23. Risk Matrix

24. General Tools and Equipment Procedure

25. Guide to fill in SWMS.



  • Incident Report Form Hazard Report Form
  • Toolbox Talk Template
  • Ute/Light Truck Inspection & Service Report
  • Ute / Light Truck & Plant – Pre-Operation Checklist
  • Vehicle Fault Report Form
  • Pre-Start Forms


  • The document is provided in Word for easy contextualisation and adding information.

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